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Image by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty)


Image by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty)

Hands-On Training

We provide ongoing support and hands-on training to all individuals working within our company. This helps us to most adequately serve our clients, by having well informed representatives that can stay true to the brand’s mission. 

Brand Awareness

We care for a brands reputation and look to uphold that through our services here at Nova. We provide an outstanding outlet for brand awareness by working with multiple mediums of marketing to reach consumers. This helps us stand out from traditional styles of marketing, as well as our more personal approach to event style advertising. 

Company Growth

We got our start as a company here in Oklahoma City, but it doesn’t end there. The goal was never to be in just one place with Nova Marketing and Consulting, but to cultivate, flourish, and produce. In the next 5 years, we have plans to open up 8 new markets across Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona! 

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