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Our CEO 

Nicole studied at the University of North Texas, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She minored in Communications and Family Studies. While going to school, she worked as a coach and product manager at ASI Gymnastics, there she found her love for leadership roles and growing those around her. She specialized in coaching the special needs program offered at the gym and was fulfilled by giving back to the community and the kids. 

Nicole got her start in marketing in August 2020, in Dallas Texas. There she did campaigning for over 10 international non-profit organizations. Fueled by being able to interact with people on a daily basis, and work towards a greater purpose, she continued to grow into more leadership roles. After growing a team of her own and testing out skillsets across 9 states and 12 different cities, she was able to launch Nova Marketing and Consultants here in Oklahoma City. 

She’s working to currently develop individuals and grow our team personally, to take on more clients and give back to the Oklahoma City community. Through advancing team members through their career goals, we hope to expand into several new markets over the next few years. Come shine with us! 

Project Meeting

Our Mission is to Empower


Non-Profit Clients 


Industry Leading Managers


Dollars Raised 



Here at Nova, we also help our colleagues achieve greatness, just like a star shining to its brightest form, a supernova then takes off, in one of the most massive and beautiful explosions seen by the human eye. We work to truly develop individuals to their fullest potential while working here, so they too can shine bright professionally and personally. 

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We hope to always greet everyone with a big smile and supportive attitude. Here at Nova Marketing and Consulting we aim to create an environment where people are free to express their individuality, while being in a position to grow and prosper.

Student Mindset 

We believe learning should never stop. We strive to work with individuals that are hungry to

learn, grow, and challenge themselves daily. We encourage any and all questions and love to

provide hands-on training to all of our associates.

Problem Solving 

Here at Nova Marketing and Consulting we make every effort to find innovative and systematic

solutions to solve problems, rather than just pointing out deficiencies. We like to work together

as a team to strive for success.

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